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Vehicle Finance & Insurance

For our clients’ convenience, we obtain all the necessary paperwork and information for the client and submit it on their behalf, to the different Financial Institutions i.e. TFS, ABSA, Standard Bank & MFC. In this way, we can ensure that the client has the best chance of obtaining the finance on the best possible terms, as well as ensuring that the terms are tailor-made for the client’s needs. We will also assist the client with advice regarding different Insurance Products, as well as assisting in the arranging of Comprehensive Insurance.

When it comes to a client’s finances, one needs to take extra care and ensure that the client is getting what they want and we strive to make it as hassle-free as possible.

In order to make the experience as quick and hassle-free as possible, please send us the following documentation:

Individual Application:

  1. Identity document (Original, Clear)
  2. Valid driver’s license (Original, Clear)
  3. Proof of residential address (Original, Clear, not older than 3 months, in client’s name, showing residential address)
  4. Latest payslip (last 4 months if client earns commission, overtime or any other allowances)
  5. Latest 6 month’s bank statements
  6. Husband / wife's identity document and marriage certificate if married COP

Company Application:

Identity document for all members of the company (Original, Clear)

  1. Valid driver’s licenses for all members of the company (Original, Clear)
  2. Proof of residential address for all members of the company (Original, Clear, not older than 3 months, in the client's name, showing residential address)
  3. Company registration documents (Original, Clear, showing all current members and their shareholdings)
  4. Proof of residential address for the company (Original, Clear, not older than 3 months, in the name of the company, showing physical address of the company)
  5. Latest company annual financial statements for the most recent financial year end
  6. Latest 6 month’s bank statements for the company's bank account
  7. Members’ husband / wife's identity documents and marriage certificates if married COP

Contact us for details about where to fax and/or email your documents.

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Terms and Conditions

The finance calculator is a form of loan simulator and is NOT AN OFFER by Ermelo Toyota, its management, employees, representatives, agents or affiliates of any kind. It is provided to you for information and convenience purposes only and does not constitute financial advice in any form or manner. It is a guide only, which is based on certain assumptions and approximations, and we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information thereof. Ermelo Toyota, its management, employees, representatives, agents or affiliates DO NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for any errors or omissions whatsoever in relation to the finance calculator, and DO NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY for any loss, damage, inconvenience experienced or otherwise, caused in respect of any reliance on the finance calculator or information on this website. The finance calculator will not pre-qualify you for any loan programs whatsoever.

Actual instalments on loans obtained with financial institutions will vary depending on: the current prime interest rate; the financial institution's variables; the type, condition and age of the vehicle; your credit rating with the financial institution concerned; the respective initiation fees; and the time period between the effective date of the loan and the first instalment payable. Please note that you should seek appropriate financial advice before concluding any loan agreements.