Ermelo Toyota


Hallo to you all,

As you might have seen, we have built a wall just outside of Automark to take pictures of our used vehicles in order to display them professionally on our Website.

More and more deals are coming via the Web and we subsequently have changed our marketing strategy from newspapers to the Internet, Facebook and all the likes.

Added to this, we have decided to launch a Marketing project to give more exposure to Ermelo Toyota, where we invite all staff, customers, school kids etc etc to use this platform to send a message to the world.

It can be anything you like, want to Share or feel passionate about. We will then give the person who gets the most “Likes” and “Shares” on Facebook, a price every 20 days.

How does it work?


You bring your Toyota (or vehicle that you bought at ET) invite your friends / family / Pets / School mates / Sport team / Hunting mates / Golfing partners / Travel partners, etc to the ET Wall, and take a picture with all of them, at the ET Wall. We have a white board at Automark (fitted on a broom stick), that you write your message on.

It Reads “My Toyota, my……..” and here you write your message; take a picture ; Post it on Facebook and invite your friends and family to “Like and Share”.

That’s all!! The more “Likes & Shares” you get every 20 days, the more you win.

And every 20 days there is a new price for the winner. (Jackets, Money, fuel, vouchers and many more).

Our idea is to have the Ermelo Toyota name behind every message & picture and through this, we will get better exposure, make Ermelo Toyota a household name and hopefully get more customers.

I therefore invite you ALL to start this process asap and see who can be the most creative, exciting, positive, inventive, funny (please no Bad messages or foul language ) at the ET Wall. Also invite your neighbors and everybody you can think of to participate. Let’s make this huge and see if we can get our name, Ermelo Toyota, out there for all to see.


As a start, we will give the staff member who is the most original and got the most shares within the next 20 days, R2 000.00 in cash!!!!


This is your chance, get out there, get inventive and start marketing our company.


I challenge you!!!